Types of Commercial Cleaning Services of Interest

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Great News for Entrepreneurs Looking to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

There are more opportunities than ever in this fast-growing field.

But you will need to know about the various types of services to begin your successful business.

Businesses require frequent cleaning to stay safe and healthy for their clients and employees. To shed some light on this field, we have collected a list of the most prominent cleaning services in demand in the market today.

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The Top Seventeen Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can be divided into two major categories: residential and commercial cleaning services. Residential cleaning services keep homes clean and commercial cleaning offers the same service to a wide variety of commercial business locations.

Here we will focus on the various types of cleaning services, specifically, that any well-rounded and affordable commercial cleaning service company service should provide.

Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Offer

1. Deep Cleaning/Spring Cleaning — this is an in-depth cleaning that goes beyond the basic service. You will include polishing woodwork, vacuuming upholstery, hand washing cabinets, cleaning fan blades and more. This service is best for clients who have not had a commercial cleaning in a long time.

2. Green Cleaning — this service involves cleaning practices focused on protecting the environment. Biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agents ensure the process is safe for the clients, the cleaners and the ecosystem. This is a service as well as a good way to stand apart from the competition.

3. Sanitization Services — since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation cleaning services are in high demand. Evergreen Cleaning Service is a good example of a company that offers this type of specialized cleaning service.

4. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning — this service is usually provided as a standard to certain businesses but can also be used as a specialty service. This service is focused on removing dirt, grime, oils and greases from walls of specific services. This can improve lighting, brighten the environment and increase the hygiene of the location.

5. Blind Cleaning — blinds can be made of a variety of materials including, plastic, wood, aluminum and PVC but they all attract inordinate amounts of dust. It is essential that you have the proper cleaning equipment to handle this task quickly. Cleaners must also know how to remove and return blinds to their locations

6. Curtain Cleaning — curtain cleaning can be performed on-site and off-site as the needs require. On-site cleaning may include vacuuming and dry cleaning. On-site cleaning is often preferred as it is gentle on the fabric and removes the need to take down and rehang the curtains.

7. Carpet Cleaningcarpet cleaning begins with a deep vacuuming but can also include steam cleaning as well as odor and stain removal. Anthem Carpet Cleaning is a great example of this essential service.

8. Upholstery Cleaning — the upholstery and fabrics of the commercial locations also need special attention. This often includes pretreating the fabrics with cleaning solutions and then having them rinsed properly.

9. Office Cleaning — as the primary staple for most [commercial cleaning services] office cleaning includes addressing cubicles, kitchens, restrooms and common areas. Each area will be swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, sanitized and have the waste bins dumped and cleaned.

10. Disaster Cleaning and Restoration — most commercial cleaning services can offer this service. But without experience and proper equipment for the proper drying, odor removal, mold remediation and deep sanitation the job will not be done right.

11. Window Cleaning — The most important task in a commercial cleaning service is to address the interiors and exteriors of a commercial location. Many commercial cleaning services will offer extra cleaning such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing (more information on this below), screen repairs and others for increased income. Window cleaning is a relatively easy service that can be applied in both commercial and residential cleaning services.

12. Pressure Washing — pressure washing services are perfect for removing all types of contaminants and pollutants from a variety of services. This can often be applied to driveways, vinyl siding, gutters, parking lots and more.

13. Restroom Cleaning — there are restrooms in all types of commercial locations and this is one of the most important stand-alone services provided. This service is essential for stadiums, schools, theatres, office buildings and all other types of commercial locations.

14. Janitorial Services — one of the most important tasks that can be undertaken by a commercial cleaning service. If you will be taking on this service, you will need to focus on assembling a team of professional trust-worthy janitors. Some of the most important tasks involved will include taking out trash, changing light bulbs, mopping sweeping, dusting and general building sanitation and maintenance.

15. School Cleaning — floors, classrooms, restrooms, desks and tables require regular cleaning offered by many commercial cleaning services.

16. Medical Cleaning — because of the high-requirements for sanitation and cleanliness required by clinics, dental offices and hospitals this is a specialized service. In addition to proper cleaning supplies and equipment, it will be essential to adhere to the highest standards of cleaning practices.

17. Sports Cleaning — gyms and locker rooms of all types are a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria. As such, they are especially ideal for a commercial cleaning service. Some of the most important cleaning services to provide here include sanitizing equipment, surfaces, cleaning mirrors and keeping floors impeccably clean.

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